Christmas Markets
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“Christkindl Markt” is German for “Christ Child Market” — hence the term describing the popular open-air markets that spring up this month in countries with Christian-majority populations.
Featuring seasonal goodies (including gingerbread and hot, spiced wine), …

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Top 10 Quintessential English Foods

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Pork PieAs reported in the United Kingdom’s Times OnLine, these are the ten most English dishes, according to author Simon Majumdar, who’s traveling the UK to research a book on Eating for Britain. (Click on the links to see his favorite places to buy each.)

1- Melton Mowbray Pork Pie (made with just pork, salt, pepper, flour, water and lard).
2- Fish and Chips (with vinegar on the chips, of course)
3- Black Pudding (yeah, the rumors are true: it’s made with blood)
4- Kippers (a cold-smoked herring)
5- Parkin (treacle* and ginger cake)
6- Cornish Pasty
7- Potted Shrimps (cooked in butter and spiced with mace and nutmeg)
8- Grouse (a game bird)
9- Treacle* Sponge Pudding
10- Cheddar Cheese

*According to Wikipedia, treacle is the generic name for any syrup made during the refining of sugar cane.

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